Due to the reissue of the state of emergency, many restaurants started to open for lunch, shortened business hours until 8pm, and resumed takeout food. Why not try their service?

(Updated 2021.2.16)


Takeaway service information in the membership stores and restaurants

on Ermou Shopping Street

● Taiyaki Shinsekai

We offer crispy Taiyaki, a warm soft fish-shaped cake.

You can also enjoy our Takoban with octopus and vegetables filling and

other asian dishes!



Taiyaki with red bean paste, pastry cream, chocolate cream for 162

yen*/ Taiyaki with seasonal filling 172 yen*/ Taiyaki with Dainagon

red bean paste for 216 yen*/

Takoban 216 yen*

Thai food "Khao Man Gai” 648 yen is now available!

Minced pork rice 648 yen

* Tax included.

Open 10:30-19:30 (Sunday until 18:30)

Open all year round (closed on New Year holidays)


▼Taiyaki shinsekai Facebook

● Pukutto shokudo


Takeaway Service Now Available

Updated 2021.2.13


<Example of menu>

Today's lunch 900 yen ~ / Kagoshima's local cuisine "Tonkotsu" 500 yen

/ Dinner set 650 yen / Other daily side dishes, desserts, coffee etc

[Limited quantity]


<How to order>

TEL:090-6507-2615 .

Please check the SNS in advance for reservation.

Reception time, pick-up time, and menu may change daily.


▼Pukutto shokudo Facebook

● Okonomiyaki BAABII


<Example of menu>

Topping: Pork 700 yen / Squid 700 yen / Negi (sauce or soy sauce

select) 700 yen / Ginger 700 yen / Shrimp 800 yen / Pork ginger 750

yen / Pork toro 500 yen / Yakisoba Napolitan 700 yen / Green onion and

grilled offal with miso 500 yen

* Tax included.


<How to order>

TEL: 045-547-1519 (3-29-8 Okurayama)

Kindly place an order by phone in advance.

20 to 30 minutes to be ready for pick-up.


● Cafeteria A (A-Studio)

Open Only Tuesdays


<Example of menu>

Side dish set for a portion 650 yen (The menu is updated at 10:30 on the day.)

Meat stuffed Tofu pouch/ croquette / potato salad / yellowtail and

daikon radish / etc.,

Side dish menu changes weekly.

Regular weekly order for “side dish set”  is available. [Limited quantity]


<How to order>

TEL 090-6163-0206 (Kikuchi)

Pick-up time at 12:00, 15:00 and 17:00.

Pick up location for takeaway service is at Gallery Cafe Yume Usagi .

(7-3-3 Okurayama)




● Soba bar KATSUNOYA

The popular restaurant loved by local Yokohama BayStars fans!


<Example of menu>

Curry udon noodles 1,000 yen / Katsudon pork cutlet rice bowl 1,000

yen/ Curry and rice 1,000 yen


<How to order>

Kindly place an order by phone to save your time.

TEL 045-531-7282

Open 11:30-14: 00/ 17:00-20:00 (Shortened opening hours.) 


▼Soba bar KATSUNOYA Twitter

● Yakitori TORICHO

Juicy grilled chicken skewers restaurant.

Takeaway Service Now Available.


<Example of menu>

Various yakitori 150 yen ~/ Fried chicken curry rice 980 yen/

Spaghetti Bolognese 1100 yen/ Various snacks 200 yen ~


<How to order>

Kindly place an order by phone.


Open 12:00-20:00 (Shortened opening hours.)



● Farmer Dining SOZAIYA

A restaurant owned by a farmer in Kohoku Ward in Yokohama City.

Fresh vegetables are delivered directly from his local farm.

Fresh vegetables are also on sale in the vending machine at the entrance!

Takeaway Services Only during the State of Emergency.


<Example of menu>

Yokohama ginger pork ginger 680 yen/ Juicy fried chicken 580 yen/

Fried salmon 580 yen

Farmer's potato salad 480 yen/ Freshly picked vegetable salad 380 yen

or 580 yen/ Other menu


<How to order>


Open 11:00-13:30 /16:30-19:30 (Shortened opening hours)


Other Popular Restaurants in Okurayama



▼SOZAIYA Facebook

Other Popular Restaurants in Okurayama


A friendly owner offers new menus on SNS on a daily basis!The restaurant has been relocated since June 2020.

Some of the menu are available in a pouched bag for freezing.

Online sales and takeaway services are available.

Updated 2021.1.23



Chicken white liver paste 500 yen / Lamb meat cacciatore 1000 yen /

Japanese beef cheeks stewed in red wine 1000 yen

ーPasta set menuー

- A set of Wagyu meat sauce (a Japanese beef with raw pasta) for 2

portion 1400 yen

- A seafood ragout sauce with raw pasta for 2 portion 1400 yen

- Homemade chicken ham 300 yen

Western cuisine set menu for 2000 yen

Takeaway menu with 100 yen discount. (This set menu originally costs 2,100 yen)

- Beef Stroganoff sauce for 2 portions 800 yen *Rice will not be served.

- Hayashi rice sauce for 2 portions 800 yen *Rice will not be served.

- Chicken white liver paste 500 yen


We have more varieties of menu!

▼order site



 Cafe Bamboo

Organic coffee and Chinese tea shop.

The cafe is attached to the cosmetics shop near Seven-Eleven in Futoo Zutsumi intersection.

Cafe Bamboo has currently closed music live performances that had been announced in English "Okurayama V Guide Map”.


During the self-restraint period we offer tea and coffee as usual and takeaway lunches such as Gapao Rice!

In every spring, swallows come and build the nest under the cafe’s roof.

Check it out as you pass by!


Open 11: 00-19: 30


▼ Cafe Bamboo's location

● Drinking and eating 


A restaurant which offers fresh fish and Japanese sake sent directly from South Boso Peninsula.

You can order takeaway menu such as Kaiseki Lunch Box, freshly fried

chicken Tempura and desserts.

Its fried chicken Tempura received good reviews.

Takeout sake may be also available?!

Kindly place an order 20 minutes before pickup time.

Please check our instagram and Facebook for the latest information.


Open 12: 00-20: 00 closed on Mondays (Shortened opening hours)

▼  OTTOTTO Instagram


A popular italian restaurant in Osone area.

Takeaway Menu Now Available.


<Example of menu>

Appetizer / Main course (pasta, focaccia, etc.)/ Dolce (cream puff,

cheesecake, tiramisu) and more!

Please check on SNS.

<Current opening hours>

Daytime 11: 00-14: 00 / Evening 16: 00-19: 00


* We do not accept reservations for takeaway.


● Soba Restaurant TOMITA

A soba restaurant under the Shinkansen railway bridge.


1-29-21 Okurayama (Along Lemon Road)

● Yakiniku Bun-chan

A yakiniku restaurant near Nippa Bridge.

Takeaway Menu Available

Updated 2021.1.23

Negitan (tongue with green onions) roll lunch is popular!

Please check the restaurant information.



Okurayama 6-17-7 Kato Building 2nd floor

Shortened opening hours during the state of emergency.


▼ Yakiniku Bun-chan's website.

● Koyohan Okurayama  Restaurant

Takeaway and delivery services are available.

Get a free plate among an appetizer, a main dish, a dim sum, and a

dessert by ordering more than 2 dishes from the menu.

Please check with the restaurant directly before ordering.



88-1 Mamedocho

Located at the other side of Route 2 from the fire station next to the

ward office.


▼ Demae-can’s HP